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Getting Published

For submissions of a manuscript for a new book, we prefer to receive a formal proposal by email before seeing the entire manuscript.


A proposal should provide a one-to-two-page synopsis of the project and the author's credentials. A formal proposal should consist of the following items:

  • A one-to-two-page synopsis

  • A table of contents or a rough outline of the manuscript's structure

  • One or two sample chapters

  • A biographical sketch of the Author

  • Thoughts on the target audience

  • Links to Authors / Contributors Social Media accounts, Website or Blog (if any)


Please attach your materials using Microsoft Word. Do not use PDFs for your manuscript or proposal. PDFs are acceptable only for previously published writing samples such as journal articles. Please ensure that there are no embedded photos in your MS Word manuscript, sample chapters, or proposal. Any photos or illustrations should be sent as separate attachments. 

Please send all your details at 

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