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This book is a compelling addition to the self-help and career development genre, masterfully crafted by Evelyn Meridian. This book is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to infuse their career journey with the powerful principles of manifestation. It breaks down the process of aligning one's professional pursuits with one's deepest values and aspirations, offering a transformative approach to achieving career and business goals. Through a blend of practical advice, manifestation techniques, and personal reflection exercises, Meridian guides readers through the intricacies of setting intentional career goals, overcoming obstacles, and creating a fulfilling professional path that resonates with their purpose. Ideal for professionals at any stage, this book is a must-read for those seeking to navigate their careers with intention, harness their potential, and manifest the success they envision.

Career Manifestation: Aligning Your Professional Path with Your Personal Purpose

SKU: 9789358810837
  • Evelyn Meridian is a pioneering figure in the intersection of career coaching and manifestation, dedicated to guiding individuals towards fulfilling their professional and personal goals. With a rich background that spans various sectors, her approach melds practical career strategies with the transformative principles of manifestation, advocating for a deeply aligned career path as the cornerstone of true satisfaction and growth. Evelyn's journey was inspired by her own search for meaning, leading her to delve into psychology, holistic wellness, and manifestation techniques, which she now seamlessly integrates into her coaching and writing.
    As an author and coach, Evelyn possesses a remarkable ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and warmth, making her a trusted companion for those on their journey to professional fulfillment. Her work, notably in "Career Manifestation: Aligning Your Professional Path with Your Personal Purpose," serves as both an inspiration and a practical guide, offering readers the insights and tools needed to navigate their career paths with intention and confidence. Evelyn's voice stands out for its encouragement and empathy, empowering readers to embrace their potential and manifest the career of their dreams.

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