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In an age where technology is evolving at breakneck speed, this book dives deep into the ethical complexities that come with our digital advancements. Ethan Ray explores the delicate balance between innovation and integrity. This book examines how artificial intelligence, data privacy, surveillance, and digital rights intersect with our daily lives. Through clear, engaging prose and insightful analysis, the author challenges us to consider how to harness technology's power responsibly.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, policymaker, or just curious about the ethical landscape of our digital future, "Digital Dilemmas" is an essential guide to understanding and navigating the moral challenges of our time. Join Ethan Ray on this compelling journey to craft a digital destiny that upholds human dignity, fairness, and trust.

Digital Dilemmas: Navigating Ethics in the Age of AI and Surveillance

SKU: 9789358810714
  • Ethan Ray is a thought leader in the realm of digital ethics and a champion for responsible technology use. Building on the success of his first book, "The Zen of Digital Balance," Ethan continues to explore the complex relationship between human behaviour and digital innovation in his latest work, "Digital Dilemmas: Navigating Ethics in the Age of AI and Surveillance." With a background in behavioural psychology, Ethan has dedicated his career to understanding how technology impacts our lives and how we can harness its potential while mitigating its risks. His insights into digital ethics and wellness have made him a sought-after speaker and consultant, advising on creating environments that balance productivity, well-being, and ethical integrity. Ethan's work is driven by a passion for fostering a more humane and equitable digital future.

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