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Step into a world of focus with "Digital Discipline". This standout guide offers a lifeline in the digital deluge, making it a must-read among self-discipline books. It's your toolkit for reclaiming attention and building meaningful connections beyond the screen.

Filled with proven strategies like the Pomodoro Technique and time-blocking, Ethan Ray's book is an actionable blueprint for anyone aiming to navigate the digital landscape with intention and focus. It's not just about enhancing productivity; it's about enriching relationships in the tangible world.

"Digital Discipline" is the key to mastering your digital existence. Embrace the balanced life you deserve—focused, connected, controlled. Get your copy and turn the page to a more mindful you.

The Zen of Digital Balance: Achieving Self-Discipline in the Tech Age

SKU: 9789358813708
  • Ethan Ray is a thought leader in the realm of digital mindfulness and a champion for balanced living in the technology age. With a background in behavioral psychology, Ethan has dedicated his career to understanding the intersection between human behavior and digital consumption. His insights into digital wellness have positioned him as a sought-after speaker and consultant, where he advises on creating environments that foster productivity and well-being.

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